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Romantic Ukrainian Woman

The Most Romantic Women In The World

How to Meet Women While Playing Pokemon Go

You knew this article was coming… I went out with a client this weekend and saw swarms of people playing Pokemon Go in Boston. Walking down streets, sitting on benches, strolling through parks – everyone was furiously swiping up on their phones. I thought about how incredible it was that complete strangers could sit close […]

When to Make the Right Choice Instead of the Safe Choice

We are constantly faced with challenging decisions in life. Frequently, we choose the safe path because it’s the easiest path. It’s the one that offers the most protection. It’s the choice that doesn’t push us to experience discomfort or embrace our fears. But that may not always be the right choice. Because the right choice […]

Your Roadmap to the First 60 Seconds of Engaging Conversation

Today my friend Pete from Beard Strokings is going to teach you exactly what to say for the first 60 seconds of conversation in any situation. When Pete first e-mailed me, he immediately stood out. He related to me about his old days playing Counter-Strike, talked about how he loved my message of better human connections, and shared how inspired he was […]

How to Be Great With Women Even If It Doesn’t Come Naturally

It’s hard to keep a positive attitude in dating when you’re not getting the results you want.  It’s even harder not to blame yourself for your lack of success and feel helpless to change it. You probably believe that since you weren’t born with certain genes or because you don’t look a certain way — […]

You Need More Than Your Academic Education to Survive

  Our parents taught us the value of education. We were pushed to study hard, get into a great school, and achieve that fancy piece of paper. Most of our generation entered this world proud of those accomplishments. We believed all that work would pay off and provide an easy, sustainable life. Only now we’re […]