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Romantic Ukrainian Woman

The Most Romantic Women In The World

How To Be Independent and Still Have an Amazing Relationship

Back in May, an old friend emailed me to invite me to a private island he co-owned with some other guys. They were planning to meet up on the island and take on a few carpentry projects to make it more habitable. What a cool opportunity, I thought – I could learn some useful handyman […]

Learn the Art of Charisma and Become Truly Magnetic

  Last week, I wrote about the incredible success men experienced at my confidence retreat. Many of you requested a future retreat that focused on charisma — arguably the best social skill a man can have. So let me ask you this… What if you could create deep connections with strangers in minutes? How could […]

How My First Retreat Conquered Fears and Changed Lives

Pictures courtesy of Sarah Katharina Photography You may remember my Conquer Confidence retreat I hosted with Julian and Kristina from LoveLifeSolved in Majorca, Spain this past August. After months of grueling preparation to launch the biggest project I’d ever worked on, I finally found myself… Standing in line for two hours and sweating my ass […]

Are You The Man She Wants or The One She’ll Settle For?

It’s a story as old as time… Attractive young woman feels on top of the world. Then, she hits one or more major turning points such as: Her existing relationship ends and she feels lonely. She faces financial hardships as a single person. She feels herself getting older and isn’t receiving the same amount of […]